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A mindset of performance excellence.

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by | Aug 1, 2018

Performance Excellence is a mindset that helps businesses improve, innovate, and grow. This mindset is made up of principles, methods, and tools.

Principles offer us foundational insight into how to run a business: Customers are king, processes are where we can best leverage improvement, and people need to be aligned.

Methods give us a step-by-step approach to accomplish something. There’s a method to strategy, a method to getting things done, and a method to leading changes across your business.

A tool is a device or implement used to carry out a particular function.

Any good builder has a toolbox that he or she uses to manipulate other objects in the environment. A hammer, a saw, and a measuring tape are essential tools that the builder needs to do his or her job.

Any good manager should also have his or her toolbox for improving performance within the business. The manager’s hammer, saw, and measuring tape are the process map, the trend chart, and the Pareto chart.

The process map is a visual representation about how work flows and how value is created. It helps the manager identify constraints to delivering that value.

The trend chart is a view into performance over time. It helps the manager to constantly raise performance and reduce the variation inherent in any process. Remember, customers feel variation, not an average!

The Pareto chart is a record of categories of things that prevented a process from achieving a perfect result over a set time interval. It helps the manager identify and take action to ease the business’ biggest pains.

What’s in your management toolkit?

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