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Client Testimonials



Three years ago, my business was on the proverbial treadmill. We had a lot of staff, a lot of revenue, low profit and low employee morale. After taking our leadership team through the 5 day Performance Excellence course, we decided to go for a full transformation – no small endeavor for a small business like mine. Now we’re in a better position than we’ve ever been in.

The Symplicity team gears you up to go to the Olympics, not little league. You don’t ask for a company like Symplicity to work with your business if you’re just looking to play intramural sports, you have to train like an Olympian. This is the real deal. 


Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.


Symplicity helped our organization grow up. Since working with them, we’ve learned to improve our business’ time management and planning processes by making small changes like implementing mandatory weekly meetings.

They’re like a coach for our organization. We can call them to do anything business-related at any time.

By working with Symplicity, we’ve gained access to resources like marketing and bookkeeping at the touch of a button. They don’t just tell you how to do it, they help you execute as well.


Smooth Meal Prep


Symplicity Designs helped me get out of my own way and stop trying to fix everything at once.

It’s hard to see the progress while in the heat of battle. But with Symplicity, the results are always there when you look in the rear-view mirror. Dig in and find the bone, but only fill in one hole at a time.

As an Entrepreneur, you pour your heart and soul into your business. Symplicity points this passion in the right direction! They may not be experts in your particular field but they’ll put your expertise to use in the most impactful way. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.


Smarter Spaces


Working with Symplicity has given me the confidence to act – especially in times of uncertainty.

As a relatively new business owner, having a trusted resource to use as a sounding board for ideas and decisions has been essential. Projects that I had been contemplating for years were able to come to life in months.

After a lifetime of participating and working in amateur and elite sports, I now view the Symplicity group as my own coaching team to help my business achieve excellence. I get just the right amount of encouragement and they challenge me to strive for success that I didn’t think was possible before.




Working with Matt and the Symplicity team provided us with a whole new appreciation for our business. It was as if they gave us a cheat code to help us understand how to find our place in the market, and how to operate our business with more confidence. We use the tools they gave us every day.


We feel the difference inside of our company, and I believe our clients and customers do too.


Thinkwell Research Inc.


We are currently in the middle of our second engagement with Symplicity Designs and the results of their training to date have more than tripled our revenues. Matt and his team help our company communicate and understand where we need to focus our efforts and resources. Before committing to Symplicity’s Performance Excellence program, I didn’t think we could afford to work with a business consultant. I now know that we can’t afford not to work with Symplicity Designs.


Truly Nolen