FAST helped to provide us with clarity on where we are heading and where we need to be long term.

Mathieu McCaie, The Mortgage Group

Mathieu McCaie

The Mortgage Group

Mathieu McCaie, The Mortgage Group

FAST helped to provide us with clarity on where we are heading and where we need to be long term.

Mathieu McCaie

The Mortgage Group

Do you feel like you’re working for your business instead of your business working for you?
Are you having difficulty finding the right client mix to maximize results?
Are you ready to scale your organization, but not sure where to start?
We’re here to help.

Leaders like you want to take your business to the next level. Let’s get you there.

You’re a key player in your industry. You’ve invested in your education, your skillset, your business and your team. You know it takes drive and persistence to see results. Where others see uncertainty, you see possibility.

You love what you do. That’s why you do it.

It’s also why you started your own business.

But preparing financial reports? Building a solid strategy? HR constraints? Scheduling? Developing a growth plan? Sales? Marketing? Having to circle back? These everyday responsibilities have resulted in countless hours of paperwork, phone calls, emails and searching for answers. It’s challenging, but it’s part of the business landscape.

The good news? You’re not alone.

Are you ready to drive real change?

What is FAST?

FAST is a world-class program with a village of like-minded leaders who are ready to drive real change in their business. Our seasoned and practiced coaches help you find the cracks in your business, so you can focus on fixing them, train your team and remember why you started your business in the first place. Growth mindset required.

You’re passionate about your business. We are too.

Let’s do this together.

Meet our coaches

Matt Symes

Founding Partner

Matt is the CEO of Symplicity Designs and works tirelessly to help business owners make sense of the messy middle and grow their organizations. He’s a serial entrepreneur, portfolio manager, and recovering academic who loves to help business owners succeed.

Over the last 10 years, Matt has helped more than 400 organizations recover from some of their darkest moments and realize improvement and continuous innovation. For Matt, the reality check is critical. His dedication lies in leading clients to shift the organizational paradigm.

Matt completed his BA and BEd at the University of New Brunswick and his MA at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is currently on leave from his PhD studies as he works to grow Symplicity Designs. He is thrilled to be able to work with clients to help them on their business journey.

David Boudreau

Organizational Designer

David is one of our NOVO Execution and FAST coaches, as well as an Organizational Designer with experience doing transformation work with clients. Since starting at Symplicity Designs in 2016, he’s been passionate about helping people and businesses reach their goals.

His journey in process improvement and change management started when he, himself, was a NOVO Execution participant. After gaining significant experience in the field, he started teaching and coaching NOVO projects. Since then, he’s successfully coached dozens of businesses through their very first NOVO projects.

His experience doesn’t only come from training. When he is not teaching NOVO Execution, David leads projects with Symplicity Designs’ clients. He has led projects in a range of major business industries. To name a few, he’s worked with the forest industry, education departments, legal firms and many more.

Sarah Levandier

Organizational Designer

Since starting with Symplicity in 2018 Sarah has worked with dozens of organizations helping them execute meaningful change through Rapid Deployment Projects, NOVO Execution Training and Focused Advanced Strategic Training (FAST).

As the daughter of small business owners, Sarah understands first-hand some of the unique challenges facing businesses in Atlantic Canada. In her role as an Organizational Designer, Sarah combines her educational background in psychology with her experience in team settings to support her clients to reach their goals.

Sarah is excited by the opportunity to help grow a more prosperous Atlantic Canada and build a region with opportunity for young people to work and live.

Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.

“The biggest benefit of FAST is the fact you get access to Symplicity’s team of seasoned, experienced advisors and experts. They assess your business quickly and see the right path forward. Symplicity takes you through a rigorous process, but if you follow their system, the results are significant.”

John Swain, CEO 



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