Hope is Not a Sales Strategy

Advance past the Traditional Sales Model

This training will teach business leaders how to proactively manage sales to reach revenue goals

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The “Visual Sales” funnel 
  • Specific questions to identify the biggest lever for your business growth – what are you selling and who wants to buy it?

  • The right metrics to track improvements and move toward success

  • The simple formula for connecting your revenue target to sales strategy to daily actions
  • The monthly, weekly and daily discussions that you need to be having to increase your revenue

Why we designed this training:

Sales is too important to take a random approach. Here’s why…

Without customers you don’t have a business to run. Without understanding your operational capacity you don’t know what to sell. Without the right sales process, your business will run you. Without the right meetings to drive the right activities, your team isn’t going to make progress.

For sales to actually work you need to move away from the traditional numbers-based, commission model

Our training outlines key principles for business leaders to better define their sales strategy and provides a methodical approach to target the right potential customers and manage your team’s efforts to reach them.

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This sales process has enabled:

  • One business to grow from $42M to $180M (4.5X sales and 5X bottom line per revenue dollar)
  • Another business quadrupled its sales funnel activity

  • One client expanded its pipeline by 4X

The list of our client’s success using this sales strategy goes on…


Meet Your Trainer, Matt Symes

CEO of Symplicity Designs


Matt Symes is a serial entrepreneur and recovering academic. The first part of his career was spent studying military history and avoiding the business world to focus on social enterprises. As part of this work, Matt developed a process-driven approach that could dramatically improve operations at not-for-profits. He recognized this approach could also drive positive results at small- and mid-sized businesses. This became the drive for the launch of Symplicity Designs in 2013.

Matt has a unique ability to bring clarity to chaos. He sees a path forward, then helps businesses focus on what they do best, then finds even better ways to do it. Business leaders in every sector turn to Matt for training and advice on how to scale up and navigate forward. He delivers clarity and relentlessly pushes clients to think bigger and achieve way more than they thought was possible.

Under Matt’s leadership, Symplicity Designs has supported 400+ companies and non-profit organizations through growth and crisis management over the past eight years. Matt has also acquired a number of companies to transform and grow.