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Lumber Sales & Solving Customer Problems

Lumber Sales & Solving Customer Problems

Business is about taking knowledge and reconfiguring it to solve a problem for a customer. Whoever solves it the best, the fastest, and the cheapest wins. It’s that simple. There was a Home Depot in downtown Jacksonville, Florida that had difficulty...

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Out of Crisis

Did you lose a key Customer? A Key Employee? Are you Running your business? Or is it running you? Are you improving faster than your competitors? Are you making less than 10% Net Income?


Good to Great

The thinking that got you here, will not get you there? Do you have a single point of failure? Does the business require you to operate? Are you looking to take the business to the next level?


Social Sector

Too many priorities? Not enough time? Spending too much time mitigating risk? Or Chasing Funding? There is a way to deliver more value for less.


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