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How many ways can you slice a pizza?

How many ways can you slice a pizza?Other Thoughts: Pizza is not only one of the most favoured foods in North America, it can also make a great case study in innovation and business improvement. There are many lessons that can be learned in the business world from the...

Your Story to Tell

Your Story to Tell Other Thoughts: Atlantic Business Magazine recently published its annual listing of Atlantic Canada's Top 50 CEOs, which included our client, Jennifer Gillivan of the IWK Foundation. The companies and organizations named in the magazine represent...

A Tale of Two Businesses

A Tale of Two BusinessesOther Thoughts:Imagine waking up every day and taking on the might of a $500+ billion retailer like Walmart. Have you ever wondered how some businesses manage to compete with such a juggernaut?  The contrast has been stark - big box vs local...

The $500,000 Scavenger Hunt

The $500,000 Scavenger Hunt    Other Thoughts:Rarely does the waste in an operation happen when the technician has hands on tools. And it doesn’t matter what kind of technical work you’re doing. It is true when the teacher is teaching, the surgeon is performing...

The Essential Toolbox

The Essential Toolbox A mindset of performance excellence. Other Thoughts: Performance Excellence is a mindset that helps businesses improve, innovate, and grow. This mindset is made up of principles, methods, and tools. Principles offer us foundational insight into...

The Sears Catalogue Experiment

Sears isn’t doing so well. In Canada, their liquidation sale started at 54 locations on July 21st, 2017. This follows Sears Canada filing for creditors protection on June 22nd. For Sears, the stores are more valuable as real estate than they are as retailers....

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The thinking that got you here, will not get you there? Do you have a single point of failure? Does the business require you to operate? Are you looking to take the business to the next level?


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Too many priorities? Not enough time? Spending too much time mitigating risk? Or Chasing Funding? There is a way to deliver more value for less.


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