NOVO Execution

Train your company’s leaders to run successful business improvement projects.

Next cohort begins January 15

Feel like you’re solving the same problems over and over again?

Novo Execution trains “Change Leaders” in your business to lead improvement projects, get results, and make them stick.
Has your business started improvement projects only to get deep into the weeds and have no tangible results? Over 20 weeks, our team runs an improvement project with your business leaders that teaches them the tools and methods to then replicate the process on all future projects. Your business will complete a project over the 20 week period that will deliver tangible results and train your team.

With proper project selection, the average business sees a 2x-5x return on their investment.

Training Overview

What You Can Expect

Apply the widely acknowledged DMAIC (define-measure-analyze-improve-control) method to complete an improvement project for your business

  • Receive one-on-one coaching to ensure results for the business are reached
  • Build competency in change leadership in your organization
  • Achieve NOVO Execution Certification by our organizational design masters

Meet the Facilitators:

Mark Symes 

Mark Symes is the Co-Founder of Symplicity. Mark works with customers, in all sectors, helping them design and live their story. Mark has been doing performance excellence in a professional capacity for more than 15 years. Mark has a passion for daily management and driving process improvement through engaged teams.

Mark has a BSc in Forestry and Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick. Mark is a certified Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt as well as holds a Certification in Business Analytics. He is also trained in the foundations of ITIL. In 2013, Mark was named by 21inc as one of the TOP 50 New and Emerging Leaders in Atlantic Canada.

Maurice E. Richard

As part of the Symplicity Designs team, Maurice works with organizations to improve, innovate and grow their businesses. Maurice has extensive experience in the consulting field and has worked in Project Execution roles as well as Business Analysis and Business Development. His more than 30 years of international business experience spans a wide variety of industries, most notably including food processing, utilities, telecommunications, lumber, oil and gas, steel fabrication, beverage manufacturing, construction, and sawmills, to name a few. Maurice began his career in soft drink beverage manufacturing and was Vice President of operations for one of the largest companies in the world prior to joining the consulting field.

David Boudreau

David is one of our NOVO Execution instructors and an Organizational Designer. Since starting at Symplicity Designs in 2016, he’s been passionate about helping people and businesses reach their goals. His journey in process improvement and change management started when he, himself, was a NOVO Execution participant. After gaining significant experience in the field, he started teaching and coaching NOVO projects. Since then, he’s successfully coached dozens of businesses through their very first NOVO projects.

His experience doesn’t only come from training. When he is not teaching NOVO Execution, David leads projects with Symplicity’s clients. He has led projects in a range of major business industries. To name a few, he’s worked in the forest industry, education departments, and legal firms and many more.

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