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Maritime Resilience is a series of stories on how local organizations are adapting to COVID-19.

Entrepreneurial spirit and elbow grease drive Swain & Associates to keep inspiring clients through pandemic

Swain & Associates Chartered Public Accountants is an accounting firm with a focus on more than just taxes. Based out of offices in Bridgewater and Halifax, the team at Swain & Associates works to encourage owner-managers to harness their ideas and nurture them into successful businesses.

Owner and president John Swain grew up with entrepreneurial parents who believed that by following their intuition and using lots of elbow grease they would find personal success. Swain built his company with that philosophy and aims to help owner-operated business and entrepreneurs achieve their visions.

“Wherever possible, our team aims to minimize anxiety for our clients.” said Swain.

“We don’t just ‘give the numbers’ we also offer coaching and support for the full business. We want to inspire our clients to do great things. We exist to inspire a nation of small businesses,”
When the COVID-19 virus forced Nova Scotia into a state of emergency in March 2020, Swain tapped into his entrepreneurial upbringing and applied extra elbow grease.

He remembers the surreal feeling when the state of emergency was announced.

“It was a mix of fear, stress, excitement and sadness. Almost like the feeling when you lose a loved one. It was quite a shock,” Swain explained.

But there was no time to stop. The Swain & Associates team had to adapt quickly to be able to effectively serve its clients and the public. The company closed its offices and introduced document exchange protocols. The team was able to maintain its usual workflow thanks to technology and a scheduling process.

The accounting professionals at Swain & Associates made it their business to learn everything about the ever-evolving government benefits programs while working with clients to ensure they adapted their tax framework to match new financial realities.

The company provided regular educational videos for its clients and the general public. The goal was to address the common concerns and questions people had and deliver as much information as possible.

“In everything we do, we want to inspire our clients. So, we went out of our way to learn and pass along as much information as possible to help navigate the chaos.” 

The Swain & Associates team is even more productive under the new conditions. There are fewer distractions and team members realized they don’t need bricks and mortar office space to do their work. Clients echoed this realization.

“It’s interesting that a change like this can actually help you see new ways of doing business. Change provides a whole new perspective,” said Swain.

To take advantage of the move to online business and the border-free economy, Swain & Associates is poised to launch a national digital marketing campaign that will target clients from all over Canada.

“There’s no reason we have to limit ourselves when we can provide service virtually. Our price point will be lower because we can do files faster than anyone. Through our inspiration program, we will provide more value-add advice for not only tax minimization, but running better, more profitable businesses.”

Swain & Associates is offering online consulting and creating content to keep their audience informed and entertained through current events. 

Visit their website or social media to see their work.

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