An Introduction To Effectively Drive Change :

Leading in Uncertain Times

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Business owners are facing uncertain times right now.


But you can’t stop leading and improving your business. The principles and methods Symplicity teaches will help you get to the other side of this.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Symplicity’s proven process to help you make effective strategic choice
  • How to make the most of the 3 main components of your business – Purpose, Process and People
  • Recognize the most important asset in your business and how to best leverage it
  • Understand what best-performing organizations do differently in good times and bad
  • Next steps to get ahead of the current economic environment

Meet your instructor:

Matt Symes, CEO of Symplicity

Matt Symes is a serial entrepreneur, portfolio manager, and recovering academic. 

Under Matt’s leadership, Symplicity Designs has supported 400+ companies and non-profit organizations through growth and crisis management over the past eight years. Matt has also acquired a number of companies to transform and grow.