Matt Symes is a dynamic and engaging speaker that will make your event memorable.


Matt loves to help others. Over the last 10 years, Matt and his team at Symplicity has helped more than 350 organizations improve, innovate, and grow. He is thrilled to be able to work with clients to shift the organizational paradigm – Business can serve a client, be better for the world, and inspirational for the people who go to work everyday. Getting to that point with every business is what gets him out of bed every morning.

Internally at Symplicity, he is responsible for our own growth journey. Not only can he speak from having helped others grow their own business, but he can speak candidly about the trials and tribulations of growing his own company.

Matt completed his BA/BEd from the University of New Brunswick and his MA at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is currently on leave from his PhD studies as he works to grow Symplicity Designs.

Here are just a sample of his recent keynote addresses:


Scaling Excellence

​Out of the original Fortune 500, only 65 remain. Why is that? What do high performing organizations do differently than others? It turns out there are a couple of consistent trends you can find in all of the organizations that stand the test of time. And, they are not that complex. They are, however, difficult to execute on. This keynote dives into the gap between high performance organizations, and the rest to identify the ‘right stuff’ and define excellence.


Whole Person HR

The second most important role in most Silicon Valley giants is now the head of Human Resources. In a connected world, dominated by knowledge and service work, those in the cutting edge are rethinking how they manage Human Resources. This keynote is designed to bring together some new thoughts and best practices on HR and how the best are helping their people grow and thrive – not only as contributors at work, but holistically as people. Do you really know your customer?


Do you really know your customer?

Every great organization was created on the foundation of solving a problem for a customer better than everyone else? The challenge is that the desires of the customer change more rapidly than most organizations can keep up. Do you have a way to understand your ideal client? Are you spending time with the right clients, or the ones that are the loudest? Do you have a way to say ‘no’ to clients who are not a fit for your service? This practical keynote is designed to leave you with the best models for understanding, assessing, and winning with the right clients.


If you would like to book Matt to speak at your next event, please contact April MacLeod, Business Development at Symplicity.