Do you know your ideal customer?

Brought to you FREE by Symplicity Designs

This is one of the first tools we walk through with our clients and now it’s available for you online.



What’s included:


  • Access to our customer matrix tool – previously reserved for our private clients
  • short, simple instructional video to walk you through how to complete the exercise
  • Clear segmentation of your current customers and visibility on what type of clients you want to spend more time getting more of
  • Identification of your IDEAL customer and customers you should not be spending time and resources on

Meet your instructor:

Matt Symes, CEO of Symplicity

Matt Symes is a serial entrepreneur, portfolio manager, and recovering academic. 

Under Matt’s leadership, Symplicity Designs has supported 400+ companies and non-profit organizations through growth and crisis management over the past eight years. Matt has also acquired a number of companies to transform and grow.

Why we designed this:

So many entrepreneurs are running day after day just trying to keep up with demand that there is no time to research your customers and if they are the right ones for your business.

Our team at Symplicity has found through working with our clients, that a lot of businesses spend too much time with the wrong customers.

You spend time, money, and resources answering to customers who will not bring you the return. And you have no time left for the customers you love to work with and bring you the return.

We use this tool with our clients to sort through the noise and start to understand who their ideal customer is.

Then you can focus on getting more of the ideal, to drive results for your business, and spend fewer hours on people who simply, are not your customer.