FAST Your Way to Wellness - We care to get people healthier sooner.

Get back to caring and healing our hard-working communities!

We understand your level of commitment which is why we’re eager to help. Let us take care of the detective work around your business.

Healthcare professionals are great at helping people, it’s what they’ve dedicated their life to. When it comes to running a business many do not know where to start. Using our strategic methodology and meeting cadence we have helped healthcare professionals find a rhythm that allows them to improve their business and focus on what matters most; getting people back to living healthy, and happy lives.


By focusing on the area of your business that matters the most we have helped healthcare professionals see 3x more clients per week, add additional revenue streams, and increase their revenues by targeting the ideal client mix, focusing on the right KPIs and knowing the score to develop a winning team.

Tighten up your business bandages

This is Your Story To Tell!


You will learn about the principles, methods, and tools of high performing organizations


Work with Symplicity (half-day session, one-on-one) to develop a plan for your business. Focus on understanding:

  • Customers (the problem you solve for who, value)
  • Financials (P&L/Value Stream, Cash)
  • Leadership/Management

Strategy Development and Execution

Participate in strategy-focused Zoom calls on a monthly and quarterly basis

  • Monthly – Strategic Execution (½ day)
  • Quarterly – Strategic Choice (2 days)


This is your story to tell! Are you ready to make it happen?

Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.

“The biggest benefit of FAST is the fact you get access to Symplicity’s team of seasoned, experienced advisors and experts. They assess your business quickly and see the right path forward. Symplicity takes you through a rigorous process, but if you follow their system, the results are significant.”

John Swain, CEO 



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Nova Scotia
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