Free Crisis Management Webinar for the Business Community

by | Mar 20, 2020



March 20, 2020

Symplicity Designs, an organizational design firm on a mission to improve the prosperity of Atlantic Canada has launched a series of free crisis management planning webinars to support the business community through the chaos of COVID-19.

“What we are seeing is an unprecedented interruption to business and no one knows how long the economic downturn will last. The only way to rise above the fear in the air and bring peace is to create a plan. We want all businesses to know that we are here to help” said Matt Symes, CEO of Symplicity.

Co-Founder and President, Merv Symes, has guided organizations in various industries through 4 major economic crises over his 40 year career. This current pandemic mirrors the impact of 9/11 with some important differences, especially for seasonal businesses. Symplicity is sharing this guiding process with the business community through a webinar series. So far over 175 business owners have participated in the one hour webinar and have been invited to a half-day online planning session to be facilitated through the process and supported by Symplicity’s team of Organizational Designers. They plan to offer at least 5 more webinars next week and another half-day strategy session at no cost to members of the business community. 

“The webinar put on by Matt and his team really allowed me and my leadership team to take a step back from the chaos and think about a plan of action. We are looking forward to the half-day strategy session to develop our plan.” – John Swain, President of Swain CPA

For information on upcoming webinars visit Symplicity’s website. Check back often as offerings are being updated regularly.


About Symplicity Organizational Designs

Symplicity Designs is on a mission to improve the prosperity of Atlantic Canada. We have worked across all industry segments from the senior executive level to the front line. From strategy development to the implementation of front line management systems we bring a breadth and depth of experience that is focused on helping you improve faster. 

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