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FAST is the program that will help you sort everything out

FAST forces you to sit down and ask yourself: How am I really doing? What is the score? What is one process that I need to improve over the next 90 days? Just one. Then you plan and execute it with the support of Symplicity’s organizational designers. 


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What is FAST?

FAST is a world-class program for business leaders who are ready to make a significant impact on their business. It’s a one-year commitment to continuous improvement and it’s not for everyone. You have to be prepared to leave your egos at the door and embrace the growth mindset.

Program Overview

What Should You Expect?

Step 1: Introduction

You will learn about the principles, methods, and tools of high performing organizations


Step 2: Planning

Work with Symplicity (half-day session, one-on-one) to develop a plan for your business. Focus on understanding:

  • Customers (the problem you solve for who, value)
  • Financials (P&L/Value Stream, Cash)
  • Leadership/Management


Step 3: Strategy Development and Execution

Participate in strategy-focused Zoom calls on a monthly and quarterly basis

  • Monthly – Strategic Execution (½ day)
  • Quarterly – Strategic Choice (2 days)

Team of Coaches

Symplicity brings more than 30 years’ experience in business strategy and process improvement.

Learn by Doing

Attend a session, create a plan, execute it, assess it, and do it again


Program cost?

The program cost is based on the annual revenue of your business. In our experience, the larger your business is, the broader the scope of your improvement project becomes.

Case Study

Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.

“The biggest benefit of FAST is the fact you get access to Symplicity’s team of seasoned, experienced advisors and experts. They assess your business quickly and see the right path forward. Symplicity takes you through a rigorous process, but if you follow their system, the results are significant.”

John Swain, CEO 

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