We help businesses improve, innovate, and grow

Do you know your business score every week, month, and quarter?
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We exist to help businesses improve, innovate, and grow

We accomplish this through our portfolio of companies

We connect the day in and day out of the business to the financial numbers.

Symplicity Designs

We lead your organization through the use of the principles, methods, and tools of high performing organizations

An 8-week course to help organizations transition to the low touch economy


We Assess, Advise, and Achieve Superior Operational Plans


Free Sales Masterclass

This training outlines key principles for business leaders to better define their sales strategy and provides a methodical approach to target the right potential customers and manage your team’s efforts to reach them.

Better Understand Your Customers

So many business leaders are running day after day just trying to keep up with demand. When was the last time you sat down and analyzed your customers? Are they the right fit for you?  Access our free Customer Matrix Tool to find the answers.

Our Mission

Symplicity Designs exists to increase the prosperity of Atlantic Canada by working with organizations to improve, innovate, and grow.

Our Approach

We don’t like to use the word “consultants”. We prefer to call ourselves organizational designers.  We teach, train, and coach organizations.

Our Solutions

We have worked with over 400 organizations across Atlantic Canada. We help our clients obtain clarity of purpose to identify the areas their organization is most in need of improvement. This is achieved through trainings, projects, and transformations.


Great organizations know the score every week, month, and quarter.
We meet weekly to status results, monthly to make minor pivots,
and quarterly to re-evaluate the direction of the organization
so they can improve, innovate and grow.
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Symplicity has worked with over 400 organizations across Canada

Driven By Purpose

Symplicity operates on a triple bottom line- People, Planet, & Profit.

We have been honoured to receive a 2019 Best for the World Honoree! Each year B Lab recognizes the best the top performing Certified B Corporations around the world with verified B impact assessment scores in the top 10% of all B Corps.

Organizations worked with

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Success Stories

Symplicity Designs will not tell you what to do but will guide you while providing a set of tools to grow your business today and in the future. Be prepared as a team to face tough decisions along with easy choices. My Journey with Symplicity has not only made me a better leader but has changed the culture of our business.
Andrew Palmer

CEO, Blomidon Nurseries

Working with Matt and his team at Symplicity has drastically changed our business for the better. Take yourself out of the daily grind and INVEST in your business. You won’t regret it.
Caleb Bowers

President, Bowers Construction

Three years ago, my business was on the proverbial treadmill. We had a lot of staff, a lot of revenue, low profit and low employee morale. Enter Symplicity. After taking our leadership team to the 5 day Performance Excellency course, we decided to go for a full transformation – no small endeavor for a small business like mine. The Symplicity team taught us how to view our business through a 30day/90day/1 year/5 year and 10 year lens.
John Swain

CEO, Swain Chartered Professional Accounts Inc.