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A Conversation with Joe Uniac

Joe Uniac joined Symplicity in August 2014. He is the first support to become a lead Organizational Designer, developing his continuous improvement expertise solely through internal projects and clients. He played a key role in helping Symplicity obtain its B Corp Certification in 2015. We recently sat down with Joe to get a sense of […]

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Your Story to Tell: Corey Nutrition

New Brunswick’s economy is famous for its natural resources. Among these is aquaculture. Lee Corey founded Corey Nutrition in 1982 to supply fish farms with feed. Unfortunately, the aquaculture industry has sustained recent hardships. Corey Nutrition supplied a high of 40 farms in 2007, but this client base quickly dried up during the Great Recession. […]

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That’s Not How We Do It Here!

“That’s not how we do it here!” How many times have you heard this uttered at your workplace? Or one of its variations: “we don’t do it that way” or “experience has shown that doing it THIS way gets us results.” No doubt you can think of other similar phrases, often made in resistance to […]

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Symplicity Repeats as 9th Best Place to Work!

  Every organization honoured by Progress Media’s Best Places to Work is a pocket of excellence right here in Atlantic Canada. Workplaces are composed of three parts. First, they have a purpose, cause, or reason for existence. Second, they have processes that produce the outcomes that help achieve this purpose. Third, workplaces have people who, […]

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A Conversation with Ana McRae

Ana McRae joined Symplicity as an Organizational Designer in May 2015. She has since become one of our strongest supports in the field with clients such as Innovatia, Medavie Blue Cross, and Kindred Home Care. She has been instrumental in getting all documented material from our sessions sent out to clients before they leave the […]

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A Conversation with Ian Macdonald

Ian MacDonald joined Symplicity as an Organizational Designer in October 2015. He has since become one of our strongest supports in the field with clients such as Medavie Blue Cross and Glenwood Kitchen. He has also recently taken the lead in our bi-weekly designer meetings. We recently sat down with Ian to get a sense […]

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