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The World’s Best Alligator Hunter

When you’re up to your elbows in alligators it’s awfully difficult to remember your original intent was to drain the swamp. Then we start looking for better equipment to shoot the alligators with. Then we start going to alligator conferences. Then we start hiring better alligator hunters. Shooting alligators is an input altogether divorced from […]

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Best Efforts Are Not Enough

Have you ever played the hero? Our event planner did. We had an event in Shediac, New Brunswick, about 30 kilometers northeast of Symplicity’s Moncton office. Our team arrived early to set up and quickly realized that they had forgotten extra flip charts and an extra projector. The extra projector was critical as this event […]

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A Whole New Mind – The Creative Economy

North America is transitioning from a knowledge economy to a creative economy. In A Whole New Mind, Daniel H. Pink argues that the era of the knowledge worker is soon to end. Coined by Peter F. Drucker, knowledge workers get “paid for putting to work what one learns in school rather than for their physical […]

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Symplicity’s Holiday Reading List

Christmas is almost upon us. The books on Symplicity’s inaugural holiday reading list make excellent gifts for any aspiring entrepreneur, business or social sector leader, or self-improvement junkie. Mindset (2006) by Carol Dweck Psychologist Carol Dweck’s book should change the way you interact with others and how you see yourself in the world. Over a decade […]

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The Wedding Dress

What do you value more, honesty or loyalty? There isn’t an easy answer to this question, but successful change requires each in varying amounts. Imagine you are the mother or father of a blushing bride to be. Six months before the wedding she brings you with her and her friends to the local bridal shop […]

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Queen of the Hurricanes

This Remembrance Day Symplicity remembers Elsie MacGill, a social and Performance Excellence pioneer whose efforts helped the Allies win the Second World War. Great Britain emerged undefeated from the Battle of Britain 75 years ago this year. The resiliency of the Royal Air Force and the presence of the Royal Navy forced Nazi Germany to […]

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